Kate Gordon

For Kate Gordon, a 2016 Omaha Central graduate, the Avenue Horatio Alger Career Scholarship is a “life changer.”

The scholarship and the opportunity to enroll in an internship program at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska have given Gordon hope and motivation to pursue a career in the insurance industry.

“In high school I was never too sure what I wanted to do after high school,” Gordon said. “Getting the scholarship was a life changer.”

With the scholarship in hand, Gordon first explored a career in the food industry through culinary classes at Metropolitan Community College.

“But, for me, I found I did not enjoy what I saw in that industry,” she said. “My career coach supported me switching over to office technology.”

At the time, Gordon was still employed at Baker’s, where she had been working since she was 14. When Avenue Scholars Foundation handed out some flyers regarding the internships at Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gordon said, “let’s go.”

“At first, my mindset was ‘it’s a job, I’ll get paid more,’” Gordon says. “Once I was trained, I learned to like it a lot.”

Recently, Gordon applied for a position as a claims processor and was awarded the full-time job, which involves reviewing claims submitted by BCBS customers and “auditing those claims to determine payment.”

“I really enjoy it,” Gordon said. “I can see myself here for 5 to 10 years.”

Gordon expects to obtain her Associate Degree in Office Technology this May. Her future looks bright. In addition to continuing her work at BCBS, Gordon envisions attending the University of Nebraska Omaha to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.