Avenue Scholars ‘Life-Changer’ for Ralston Senior

Three years ago, Ralston senior Hazel Larsen could not envision herself earning a high school diploma.Now, under the guidance of Talent Advisor Amy Rector, Larsen has two part-time jobs and is on track to graduate a semester early.

“Avenue Scholars changed my life,” Larsen says. “My freshman year, I didn’t even think I would make it  through high school. I was not good in school.”

Larsen will be the first in her family to attend college, and she sees herself as a role model for two younger sisters, a freshman and sophomore at Ralston, which includes having career goals.

One month ago, Larsen started working at Gallup, where she can gain the prerequisite experience to work on a help hotline. By spring, she plans to hold certificates for nursing assistance and early childhood education. “I want to try it all out,” Larsen said. “My career path fits into teaching or nursing. Somehow, I want to be involved in human services.”