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Avenue Scholars Program Overview PDF Print E-mail

The Avenue Scholars program is designed to ensure careers for students with hope and need through education and supportive relationships.  We serve students from high school through college and into the workforce.  Students are selected at the end of their sophomore year in high school using multiple criteria: 


  • Financial need
  •  Less than a 2.5 grade point average
  •  Recommendations from school or a community group
  • Gallup Hope and Well-being Index score


Students are served in their respective high schools as juniors and seniors by a fulltime Talent Advisor.  The Talent Advisor meets 20-25 juniors and 20-25 seniors during a regularly scheduled class period each day.   An Avenue Scholar Plan is developed for each student, focusing on an academic plan, a career plan, and a financial plan.  The vehicle for development of the Avenue Scholar Plan is the Five C’s Curriculum, a comprehensive curriculum plan for improving cognition, accessing college, preparing for a career, making good choices, and developing a sense of community.


Following high school, students enter Metropolitan Community College.  With support of a College Talent Advisor, students continue to develop their academic, career, and financial plans for success.  The College Talent Advisor supports up to fifty students, coordinates the Avenue Scholar Plan and provides guidance to campus services, housing, and transportation.   In the first year, students attend classes as a cohort, with a team of Talent Advisors and professors working closely and monitoring student success.  A unique partnership with University of Nebraska-Omaha provides residence hall life for Avenue Scholars attending Metropolitan Community College.   Students graduate Metropolitan Community College with an Associates Degree, Certificate, or Specialist Diploma, or enter UN-O.




Outside of the classroom, students receive a wide range of academic, social and financial planning services. Many of these are delivered at the Avenue Center, where students have additional contact time with their Talent Advisors, a social worker, counselors, and tutors. The Avenue Center is also the location for college classes and a variety of social activities and exclusive programs.


The goal of Avenue Scholars is for students to obtain a job in a career they love. In coordination with numerous business partners, the Career Talent Advisor offers students career exploration opportunities, helps them develop a career path, provides subsequent job coaching and training, and assists in successful job placement.  For Avenue graduates, support continues until the student embarks on a successful career.



"Our mission is ensure careers for students of hope and need through education and supportive relationships."